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   第39回 QC-North


    講師:      (未定)

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第38回 QC-North (量子計算研究会北海道)

日時: 2007年3月6日(火) 15:00 〜 16:00

場所: 北海道大学 電子科学研究所 講堂

講師: Thaddeus Ladd(National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo Stanford University, Palo Alto, California)

題目:Quantum communication and computation using solid-state cavity QED

要旨:The theoretical boost in speed for quantum computers and the boost in security for quantum communication will not be practical unless these systems operate with a high clock rate. Emerging nanophotonics technologies could provide extremely fast, solid-state, integrated device designs if fused with appropriate quantum technologies. While several ideas for cavity-QED-based quantum computers have been proposed, many require difficult resources such as strongly coupled cavities, highly efficient single-photon sources and detectors, or strong nonlinearities. I will discuss new ideas for quantum computers and quantum repeaters based on dispersive interactions between single matter qubits with relatively bright coherent-state light pulses, and I will show that these may be implemented in single quantum dots or semiconductor impurities weakly coupled to solid-state microcavities. If optical losses are kept low, these quantum device architectures may operate with clock speeds approaching 100 GHz and allow long distance (1000km) quantum communication with secure bit rates approaching 100 Hz.