Activity and environment


Monthly Workshop

Each member talks about his or her work in this workshop. It will be a great chance to hear comments and suggestions for your research.

Weekly Colloquium

One of us talks about a scientific paper, in which his or her research is involved. Each member usually has 2 talks in a year.

Weekly Journal Club

We study several textbooks written about our research topics [Optical Electronics (Yariv), Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Nielsen and Chuang) etc.] Every week we have time to discuss the fundamentals of our research.

※There are seminars of visiting researchers several times per year. We always encourage our graduate students to talk about their researches in the academic conferences (Annual Meeting of Japanes Physical Society or Japan Society of Applied Physics, for example).

Experimental Equipment

Confocal Laser Microscopy for Single Molecule Detection

Purpose : Measuring emission spectra from single molecules (or quantum dots), together with their photon statistics.
Light source : Laser Diode (476nm)
Detector : Olympus microscope (IX-71), Monocrometer equipped with Peltier-cooled CCD, Single photon counting systems, Photon correlation measuring systems

Emitters for Single Photons, Photon Pairs, and Entangled Photons

Purpose : A fs UV-laser excites a nonlinear optical crystal to produce parametric fluorescence photon pairs.
Light source : Ar-ion laser (351nm), fs-Ti:Sapphier laser, fs-regenerative amplifier
Detector : Single photon counters, Simultaneous counting systems, Time-correlation measuring systems


Tunable narrow-band laser diode, Visible light photon counters (VLPC), Liquid He cryostat for microscope, etc.