[31st(Nov. 11th, 2004)]

Title:"Encoding and decoding of pre-linearly coded quantum codes"

Lecturer:Manabu Hagiwara(Tokyo University)

[32nd(Feb.9th, 2005)]

Title:"Towards Inherently fault-tolerant quantum computation by solid-state NMR "

Lecturer:Fumiko Yamaguchi (Department of Physics, Keio University/Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University)

[33rd(Feb.22nd, 2005)]

Title:" "

Lecturer:Yoko Miyamoto (The University of Electro-Communications)

[34th(Dec.16th, 2005)]

Title:"Two-photon absorption in silicon-on-insulator optical waveguides"

Lecturer:Liang Tak Keung (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

[35th(Mar.7th, 2006)]


Lecturer:Akio Fujiwara (Osaka University)

[36th(Jun.7th, 2006)]

Title:"Fabrication of novel type of phase shaper for doughnut modes "

Lecturer:Jun-ichi Hotta (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)

[37th(Jul.14th, 2006)]


Lecturer:Toshihiro Nakanishi (Kyoto University)

[38th(Mar.6th, 2007)]

Title:"Quantum communication and computation using solid-state cavity QED"

Lecturer:Thaddeus Ladd (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo Stanford University, Palo Alto, California)


    Title:"Integrated optical approach to quantum information processing "

    Lecturer:Jungsang Kim (Duke University)






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