Year 2002

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  2. H. F. Hofmann and S. Takeuchi
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  3. H. F. Hofmann and S. Takeuchi
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  4. T. Ide, Holger F. Hofmann, A. Furusawa, T. Kobayashi
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  5. Holger F. Hofmann
    Causality in quantum teleportation: Information extraction and noise effects in entanglement distribution
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  6. S. Takeuchi
    I wish to be a photon juggler
    JSAP International(Japan Society of Applied Physics International), 7, 25-26 (2002)
  7. S. Takeuchi
    Chemistry of nanomolecular systems: towards the realization of nanomolecular devices Chap. 11:
    Nanodevices for quantum compution using photons
    Springer (2002)

Year 2001

  1. S. Takeuchi
    A Simple quantum computer: experimental realization of quantum computation algorithms with linear optics
    Electronics and Communications in Japan. 84, 3, 52-59 (2001)
  2. S. Takeuchi
    Beamlike twin-photon generation using type II parametric downconversion
    Opt. Lett. 26, 11, 843-845 (2001)
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  4. T. Ide, Holger F. Hofmann, T. Kobayashi and A. Furusawa
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  5. T. Hasegawa, T. Nishioka, H.Ishizuka, J.Abe, K. Shimizu, M. Matsui and S. Takeuchi
    An experimental realization of quantum cryptosystem
    IEICE Trans. Fundamentals. E85-A, 1, 149-157 (2001)

Year 2000

  1. S. Takeuchi
    Experimental demonstration of a three-qubit quantum computation algorithm using a single photon and linear optics
    Phys. Rev. A. 62, 032301/1-032301/4 (2000)
  2. S. Takeuchi
    Analysis of errors in linear-optics quantum computation
    Phys. Rev. A. 61, 052302/1-052302/15 (2000)

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