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By using quantum nature of light, it is predicted that we can drastically enhance the performance of information processing (Quantum Computer), secure communication (Quantum Cryptography) and even sensing (Quantum Metrology).
We carry on experimental researches into the realization and the application of the novel states of light, by generating individual single photons and controlling the quantum correlation between these photons. Toward the perfect control of single photons, we investigate nano-scale photonic structures for optical quantum devices and single photon sources.
Using those devices, we are constructing quantum optical systems and optical quantum circuits for quantum information processing, quantum metrology and quantum lithography. Our research topic also includes the generation and characterization of entangled photons, single molecular spectroscopy, and highly efficient single photon detectors.


Our paper is published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!
A. C. Elitzur, E. Cohen, R. Okamoto, and S. Takeuchi "Nonlocal Position Changes of a Photon Revealed by Quantum Routers"Scientific Report 2018, 8, 7730. This work is featured in Scientific American
Our paper is published in Optics Express. Congratulations!
T. Kiyohara, R. Okamoto, and S. Takeuchi "Serial-parallel conversion for single photons with heralding signals"Optics Express 2017, 25, 32443-32450. This paper is highlighted as an Editor's Pick.
Our paper is published in ACS Omega. Congratulations!
M. Fujiwara, O. Neitzke, T. Schrder, A. W. Schell, J. Wolters, J. Zheng, S. Mouradian, M. Almoktar, S. Takeuchi, D. Englund, and O. Benson "Fiber-Coupled Diamond Micro-Waveguides toward an Efficient Quantum Interface for Spin Defect Centers"ACS Omega 2017, 2, 7194-7202.
Our paper is published in Physical Review A. Congratulations!
R. Okamoto, S. Oyama, K. Yamagata, A. Fujiwara, S. Takeuchi"Experimental demonstration of adaptive quantum state estimation for single photonic qubits"Phys. Rev. A 96, 022124 (2017).
Lab's excursion (cherry-blossom viewing at Sewarite in Kyoto)
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Our paper is published in Scientific Report. Congratulations!
T. Ono, R. Okamoto, M. Tanida, H. F. Hofmann, S. Takeuchi"Implementation of a quantum controlled-SWAP gate with photonic circuits"Scientific Reports, 7, 45353 (2017).
Our paper is published in ACS Photonics. Congratulations!
Andreas W. Schell, Hideaki Takashima, Toan Trong Tran, Igor Aharonovich, and Shigeki Takeuchi"Coupling Quantum Emitters in 2D Materials with Tapered Fibers"ACS Photonics, 2017, 4 (4), pp 761-767.
Our paper is published in Optics Express. Congratulations!
T. Kiyohara, R. Okamoto, S. Takeuchi "Realization of multiplexing of heralded single photon sources using photon number resolving detectors " Optics Express, 24, 27288-27297 (2016).
The member page is updated.
The member page is updated.
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Andreas Schell joins our laboratory! The member page is updated.
Our laboratory moved to Kyoto University in summer.
We host an international workshop in Japan ( NSTEP2013) on July 8-9th.
The member page is updated.
The member page is updated.
We have opened our English web page!

Current Address:
Takeuchi Lab, Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Kyoto University,
Kyoto Daigaku-Katsura, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN, 615-8510
TEL:+81-(0)75-383-2286 E-Mail:

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